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Unique systems specialises in designing and installing security solutions to world-class standards. We are passionate professionals that strive to produce a solution to your security needs.

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Access Control System
fingerprint reader
Self-contained fingerprint reader unit
Stores up to 4,000 fingerprints
Works with you Wiegand-based readers
No need to reissue cards or replace existing readers
Automatic one-touch fingerprint identification reader
Accomodates up to 200 users on a single reader
No more PINs, keys or cards necessary
Finger Print Based Access Control Reader
High speed and reliable fingerprint matching, it can match 150 fingerprint templates within 2 seconds
1: N identification
Identification time <=2s
Standalone embedded fingerprint reader, no dedicated PC connectivity req.
Reader has Real Time Clock and memory for registering the fingers and memory for storing the punch transactions.
Built in strong embedded fingerprint identification system
Optical fingerprint sensor easy to use and reliable
Simple, easy to use and reliable system at reasonable prices
It can be used as an integrated access control where in only authorized person are allowed to enter the premises and the reader activates the door lock on placing the finger.
User capacity 150
Transaction Storage 20000
Communications RS232, RS485, TCP/IP, network compliant
The reader is portable, compact and very light in weight.
FAR <=0.0001%
FRR <=1%
LED Red and Green
Audio Visual Indicator: Red LED (Denied) / Green LED (Granted)
LCD 128*64 Graphical.
Proximity reader
All interface is anti-static, anti-power impact, anti-jamming, anti-death, and PCB panel is moisture, anti-corrosion, which can be used in the hard circumstances.
Dynamic definition and flexible application
There are 2 road WG26/34, 3 road relay out, 2 road RS485 interface.
The IO interface can be defined. Such as WG26 can be defined to WG26 input or output, also can be defined to access control, bell, or alarm and other signals.

Finger Print Based Access Control Reader

us -121 is an innovative stand-alone fingerprint recorder that can be used in both Time Attendance and Access Control applicatio
It could store 3,000 fingerprint templates and 80,000 transaction records. It will bring you much boon because of its excellent function and competitive price.
Built in embedded standalone module (ZKS208) with high performance SAMSUNG 32 bit X-scale CPU, big capacity FLASH and CMOS chips, it is easy to integrate with various systems.
. Alarm clock function for giving the correct time on time.
. Be equipped with system of calendar and is on an equal footing  with PC.
Stand-Alone Proximity Card Reader
EntryProx 125 kHz Stand-Alone Proximity Card Reader
Can be used with HID Proximity Key Fobs or Cards
Provides single-door proximity access control for small installations or remote locations.
Ideal for Unique Applications - Proximity access control for small installations or remote locations.
Trouble-Free Keypad Input – Extra secure keypad enables PIN entry or programming.
Remote Monitoring - Configurable to be used in conjunction with an on-line system.
Faster Programming - Batch load up to 2,000 HID cards or keytags with a single keypad command sequence
Biometric Handkey Reader
REAL security
•Saves money over card-based systems
•Fast and easy to use
•Increases convenience by eliminating cards
•Integrates into existing systems
•Field proven reliable technology
•Door operation and monitoring
•Card reader input
•Request for exit
•Tamper switch
•Memory expansion from 512 (standard) to 32,512 users
•RS-232 printer output
•Stand alone or networked operation
•Card reader emulation mode
•Integrated wall mount design
•Multiple auxiliary inputs and outputs
•62 user definable time zones
•Outdoor version available
•Optional modem or Ethernet module
Fingerprint Password Lock
    Unlock: Fingerprint, PIN or key.
    Up to 99 fingerprints capacity. 
    Automatic wakeup, no more pin code.
    Individual user deletion.
    LCD for easy operation.
    External Stand-by Power supply. 
    Fingerprint won't lose if batteries are dead.
    Highly recommended for Indoor use.
    4AA batteries, one year battery life.
    Low voltage warning.
Fingerprint lock
* Three open methods: Fingerprint, PIN or Mechanical key
* DSP processor, optical semiconductor-collection technology, living dermis layer acceptable only
* Fingers at an arbitrary 360-degree angle can correctly identify
* 12-digits key, the unique slide cover to protect the keypad and sensor.
* Adapts American standard's 5 tongue 3 linkages electronic mortise, which is in line with ANSI standard.
* Have power-saving mode. With emergency external power port.
* Alarm function in low voltage.
* Application: Luxury villas, luxury apartments, intelligent community, executive machinery and intelligent building and so on.
Hotel RF Card Lock
* Material: Zinc alloy
* Surface treatment: Pure gold/ Nickel plating
* 16 bit processor, with higher efficient application than the traditional 8-bits CPU
* Working Modes: Networked for Hotel or Standalone for Home(Office);
* Card Type: MIFARE1 card or T5557 Card;
* Standard Five-latch Mortise;
* Unique Microwave Induction Technology