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Metal Detector


Metal DetectorMetal detectors are commonly found in sensitive installations like airports, railway stations etc. These days you can find them even in shopping malls, and theatres. With the increase in security threats, the airport metal detector is not the only detector seen commonly.

A large number of companies and businesses have started using metal detectors and its usage is increasing day-by-day.

A metal detector uses a system based on alternating current and pulse. This essential security equipment has truly come a long way and today metal detector electronic parts and coils have improved tremendously to aid the effective dissemination of these appliances.

The Door Frame Metal Detector

The key features of the metal detector:

» Incorporates the use of a continuous pulse wave technology
» Supports a dual channel system( upper & lower)
» Supports 16 levels of sensitivity from 0-15
» The threshold range lies between 0-9, that is 10 levels
» The volume range of the audio alarm goes up to four levels that is between 0-3
» Two levels of tone, upper and lower are also an integral component of this metal detector's audio alarm range
» The electronic metal detector parts include a micro-controller replete with self-diagnostic features.
» They are as sensitive as an airport metal detector and have the capability of detecting a new one rupee coin
» The visual alarm range is between 0-2 that is 3 levels
» It counter range is between 0-9999 making it one of the premier metal detector products.
» This metal detector has be specially programmed keeping in mind the parameters like counter visual alarm, counter audio alarm, threshold, and sensitivity
» Enables quantitative detection; the indication of the threshold LED-Bar is proportional to the detected metal content
» The metal detector gate measures 2245mm in height, with the total usable height being 1975mm. Moreover its total width measures 910mm with the total usable width being 750mm. The depth of the gat is 452mm. It weighs less than 50kg

» Available with optional features like battery back-up, remote alarm, and traffic display with a WALK and STOP sign.